This week's foto Friday post is a special one for me.  As I wrote about a few weeks ago, my dad got married at a small ceremony in Richmond, Virginia.  I was honored when he asked me to take some pictures of family and friends during the big day (he probably knew I'd have my camera anyway!).  We set up a few family formals before the ceremony and that was all we had planned, but I had to grab them on their own for a few shots after the ceremony.  I have never done portraits of my dad, and I don't think I've seen any professional shots of him other than the church directory pictures we got when I was a kid.  Seeing these images are really stirring up in me a desire to get off my butt and gets some great portraits of all my family! I think this image really captures his personality.  He is a very straightforward kind of guy.  He has a huge heart and an unbeatable brain to match!  We're very happy for you, Dad!