I've been working to update the look of our blog over the past few weeks and it's finally getting to where I want it to be. I'm kind of a computer nerd and I enjoy the design/coding aspect. Sure, I could go and pay someone to do it for me, but why spend the money when you don't have to?  I'd rather take my wife out for dinner on Valentine's Day (like I'm doing tonight!). I've created a menu at the top of the page to help readers find categories and resources more easily. I also added the image header at the top and a get-to-know-us video on the about us page!  Avery and I spent some time together on this video today and I'm pretty excited about how it came out.  I don't get to edit video as much as I would like (because I love it), but I have to say that I LOVE iMovie!  What a great program.  Anyway, if you'd like to check out the video, I've included it below.  I also posted it to our facebook page.  Feel free to ignore me because Avery is just too cute!  I won't be offended.

[hdplay id=1 ]