Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the blog is so delightful...sorry.  I have this unusual way of connecting a song to everything I do in life and I couldn't resist.  It's snowing like crazy and it is SUPER cold so what better thing to do than a fun blog entry!  As I mentioned in my 40 in 2010 update a few days ago, one of my goals for the year is to go on a photowalk with another photographer at least once a month.  I love shooting portraits and weddings, but going for a walk in an interesting place with no agenda other than finding cool things to photograph refreshes me so much!  It also gives me a chance to experiment in a no-pressure environment and photowalking with another photographer raises the creative bar another notch! Last weekend, we were visiting friends in our old hometown of Charlotte, NC and we had a blast (I hope to post a few more pictures from that trip later)!  On Saturday morning, my friend Patrick and I had the opportunity to sneak away to Downtown Matthews for a crazy-cold photowalk.  Thank goodness for a halftime break at Dillworth Coffee!  I've known Patrick since we were freshmen in college.  I used him many times to help me with photo shoots for my photojournalism classes and he's always had a great eye for photography.  I was also honored when he signed up for my Beyond the Snapshot workshop last Spring in Charlotte.  It was so much fun having him in the class!

I can't wait to keep this up!  I just got an email from another friend in Maryland who wants to go shoot in Washington, D.C.  That sounds like a blast to me.  I'm sure Patrick and I will also take a photohike in Boone, N.C. in March when we're there for a guys' weekend with some other friends from college.    At any rate, here are a few of my favorite images from our photowalk.



matthews-08Here's Patrick hard a work.  I made sure he wouldn't get hit by a train.  At this point, our hands were nearly frozen and coffee was just around the corner!






matthews-03I dared Patrick to take a bite of one of the sausages, but he said no.  I guess we've all grown up a bit.  He probably would have done it for $5 when we were in college.