Because Jill and John live about two hours away from us, we weren't able to get together for an engagement session before their wedding.  We include engagement sessions in all of our wedding packages because it gives us a chance to get to know our clients as well as possible before their wedding day so everyone is comfortable - the pictures always turn out better when everyone is relaxed!  We were able to grab breakfast with them in October, though, so we already knew each other a little and we knew how great they are.  We still wanted to be able to do a portrait sesison with them since we weren't able to do the engagment session, so we worked it out for us to stay in Fairfax after the wedding so that we could do a Day After session with them.  We met up with them at the Hyatt this morning and spent some time together creating some portraits that really compliment the collection of images from the wedding the night before.  I love the following images and I'm so glad we were able to work this out!  I certainly plan on recommending this to all of our future clients because not only was it so much fun for us all, but Jill and John will have a lot more wedding portraits of themselves in a style that wouldn't have been possible on the wedding day!

bryson wedding-16

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