I must say that Jill and John's family and friends made this the most fun photo booth we've ever done!  Jill's dad found these great picture frames to use as props for the photo booth and they proved to be a great hit!  Here are a few of our favorites!

Bryson Photobooth-152

Bryson Photobooth-151

Bryson Photobooth-150

Bryson Photobooth-149

Bryson Photobooth-148

Bryson Photobooth-147

Bryson Photobooth-146

Bryson Photobooth-145

Bryson Photobooth-144

Bryson Photobooth-142

Bryson Photobooth-140

Bryson Photobooth-139

Bryson Photobooth-135Bryson Photobooth-131