When I was a kid, I used to love staying up to watch the ball drop on December 31.  I remember feeling like such a rebel one year when my brother and I ran outside of my grandmother's house to shoot our cap guns up in the air at 12:01.  Ah, those were the days.  I've done some fun things on New Year's Eve since then - everything from huge parties to concerts to small gatherings with close friends.  This year, however, will be a first for Sarah and I! You may remember that we held an auction a few months ago to benefit the Unembraced - a nonprofit run by some of our friends in Los Angeles that support orphans in Kenya.  Well, the winners of that auction are getting married on Thursday night outside of Washington, D.C.!  This will be our first New Year's Eve wedding and we can't wait.  John and Jill are super-nice people (we had breakfast with them in October) who are crazy in love.  Their wedding promises to be a lot of fun all the way through Midnight!

We're spending the night up there Thursday night and we're going to meet up with John and Jill for a Day After portrait session on Friday.  It should be fun as we're pulling out all the stops from a day-of slideshow at the reception on our Imac to setting up the Photo Booth.  I'm sure we'll be ready to crash at the end of the night, but what a better way to spend a New Year's Eve?  I'll be sure to post some images from the wedding and day after session sometime this weekend.  Until then, have a happy and safe New Year's Eve!!