As I said before, I'm not much of a New Year's Resolution guy.  However, I do love setting goals for a new year.  My plan is to post these 40 goals up now, revisit them at the end of each month throughout the year, and create a blog post updating my progress towards meeting the goals.  Knowing me, I'll probably add more to it as the year goes on.  This is a blend of personal and business-related goals, so we'll see how it goes!  Here they are in random order: 1.  Read the Bible and pray with my wife every day

2.  Teach something new to each of my kids every day

3.  Create a monthly email newsletter

4.  Host two Beyond the Snapshot workshops

5.  Design two studio sample albums

6.  Go on a date with my wife at least once per month (but hopefully more!)

7.  Set up the photo booth at a large party that is not a wedding reception

8.  Second shoot at two weddings

9.  Design a wedding photography planning guide for clients

10.  Participate in Help Portrait next Christmas

11.  Improve the look of our business cards

12.  Buy a new telephoto zoom lens

13.  Subscribe to a fashion magazine for posing ideas

14.  Create regular blog entries - techniques, favorite image of the month, etc

15.  Enter some photos in a contest

16.  Perfect a salsa recipe

17.  Get one of our wedding collections published

18.  Learn to play a jazz song on the piano

19.  Do a portrait shoot for my grandparents

20.  Do a portrait shoot for my brother and his family

21.  Perfect a hummus recipe

22.  Start posting videos on my blog

23.  Book and shoot 20-25 weddings

24.  Book and shoot 15-20 portrait sessions

25.  Begin sending out anniversary cards to past clients

26.  Have past clients write guest entries on my blog

27.  Send images to wedding vendors I have worked with this year

28.  Get some canvas prints made for our house

29.  Begin selling fine art prints of my photography

30.  Go camping

31.  Send photos of our kids to our extended family on a regular basis

32.  Look into hiring an intern for the summer

33.  Go on a photo walk either by myself or another photographer once a month

34.  Partner with a local charity to provide monetary support and photographic services

35.  Improve the packaging of DVDs we give to clients

36.  Get stickers with our logo printed

37.  Create a photo book of photo booth images

38.  Update our print portfolio to show potential clients

39.  Read two classic novels

40.  Submit photos for publishing in JPG Magazine for every issue