I sat down to do a recap of all our 2009 weddings and well, I thought it would take way to long to pick my favorites!  Plus, I didn't want to have a 20-page blog post!  So I thought I'd start with what was fresh in my mind and simply post some of my favorite images from our three October weddings.  These were some pretty special weddings and I found it tough to narrow down to these 17 images.  You'll no doubt be seeing many of these on my portfolio site as I update that in the off-season very soon.  I'll post my favorites from our other weddings soon as well as my favorite portrait and personal images.  But without further ado, here are my October 2009 wedding favorites! best of 2009-01best of 2009-02best of 2009-03best of 2009-04best of 2009-05best of 2009-06best of 2009-07best of 2009-08best of 2009-09best of 2009-10best of 2009-11best of 2009-12best of 2009-13best of 2009-14best of 2009-15best of 2009-16best of 2009-17