These past few months have been a whirlwind!  I have loved all of the excitement, the weddings, the portraits, the new blog look, the new proofing site, the new imac, the new lighting setup for receptions, the new gear, meeting with new clients, etc, but I must admit I am glad November is here! I'm looking forward to slowing down a bit.  I'm looking forward to unpacking all of the crazy thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head!  I'm looking forward to setting goals for a new year.  I'm looking forward to playing more with the kids.  I'm looking forward to dreaming about our new little baby due next year!  I'm looking forward to coffee dates with my wife and shopping for Christmas presents for the girls!

Speaking of our girls, they have just become hands-down the cutest, sweetest kids in the world.  I mean, I always knew they were top-notch, but the older they get, the more they amaze me!  Case in point: in the middle of the night for the past few weeks, our youngest daughter Avery has been climbing up in the top bunk with Kyla and sleeping the remainder of the night there!  Tonight, I peeked in on them an hour after they went to bed and I guess she went up there right away - we'll see how if they can make it the whole night together!

We do have two more exciting weddings this year.  The first wedding is the day after Thanksgiving IN MIAMI!!!  I'm flying to Miami the morning after Thanksgiving and shooting a wedding that night.  Everything I've heard about this wedding gets me excited - the people, the music, and especially the part about going to Miami!  I haven't been there yet and I feel so blessed that this year, photography has given me a chance to fly to both Los Angeles and Miami.  Have I ever mentioned that I love this job?  The last wedding of the year is our first New Year's Eve wedding in Washington, D.C.!  We got to meet Jill and John a few weeks ago when we were up there for a wedding and they are really cool people.  I just got their schedule tonight and it promises to be a rockin' party straight past midnight!  Can't wait...and a huge thanks to Sarah's mom for volunteering to babysit for us overnight so we can sleep in the next morning!

Anyway, pictures make every blog post better, right?  So here are a few recent pics of the family!  Enjoy!

Kyla's favorite image from our evening fun of light painting:

A picnic at Carter's mountain with our friends:

One of my favorite shots of all time: