I'm in the process of updating the overall look of our blog...I pretty much have decided that sleep is for whimps.  In all honesty, the blog is something we've been wanting to update for a while.  I was never super crazy about the old layout, but it worked.  The only problem was the pictures had to be tiny!  I searched high and low for a new template that would be text and picture friendly and I found one!  I just need to tweak it a bit to make it our own.  I love wordpress for that.  Sure, I could pay someone a bunch of money to make it all pretty, but I'd rather spend that money on important things like coffee! We're looking forward to a quiet weekend at home...something we haven't had since September!  October was crazy just as we thought it would be, but man was it a fun adventure!  I actually get a few weekends off here in a row which will be nice recoup time before I head to Miami to shoot a wedding on the day after Thanksgiving!  That one is going to be awesome, but so will some great quality time with the fam...which is why I'm not sleeping much.  I love the time I have with them and I'd rather do all this computer stuff when they're sleeping.  But I am off to bed now because tomorrow promises to be full of tennis, bike rides, and jumping in massive piles of leaves!

Here's a cool shot from Sam and Tyson's wedding two weeks ago: